Conference Fund

At LIBER’s Annual General Assembly in 2005, participants decided to add a small premium to the Annual Conference registration fee. This would enable grants to be made to assist staff from LIBER libraries in selected European countries to attend LIBER Annual Conferences.

The LIBER Annual Conference Fund supports representatives from specific European countries each year on the basis of need and taking into account the location of the Annual Conference. The countries are agreed by the LIBER Executive Board annually at its October meeting, and decisions on applications to the Fund are made by the Conference Programme Committee.


The current criteria for assessing submissions/applications, in order of preference, are:

  1. Candidates from LIBER libraries with an accepted paper or poster abstract;
  2. Candidates from LIBER libraries who have submitted paper or posters abstracts but whose abstract or poster has not been accepted for the Annual Conference;
  3. Candidates from LIBER libraries with special circumstances (e.g. being a member of the Conference Programme Committee).
  4. Candidates who have not submitted an abstract or a poster but who have submitted an application to the Fund, as permitted under the terms of the Fund.

NB. Candidates who have received an award within the previous three years are given a lower priority than those who have not.

From 2016 onwards, recipients are invited to contribute a piece to the LIBER blog.

Eligible Countries

With effect from 2016, the following CEE countries are eligible for the award:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Georgia
  • Kosovo
  • Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Moldova, Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine.

In addition, the following countries where LIBER representation is low are also proposed for inclusion in 2018: Greece, Italy, Portugal.


On the basis of the Fund premium collected from the 2017 Annual Conference (€8,323), the Executive Board has decided that LIBER will offer 10 Conference Fund Awards in 2018. The level of the Award will remain as free Conference registration and a grant of €500 towards the cost of attending the Conference (eg. travel, accommodation).