Conference Dinner and Reception information

Conference Dinner and Reception information

The Golden Palace (conference dinner)

The Golden Palace is a very special place and not in any way a traditional venue for a conference dinner. It is mainly used by Middle Eastern immigrant families for weddings. Those familiar with Middle Eastern traditions know that in that part of the world they know how to throw a party. Entering the hall, one immediately senses that this place was made for people who want to have fun and enjoy themselves. The decor resounds with the place’s name: Golden columns and mirrors, a large dance floor and well equipped for a sound-and-light show. The food is home-cooked Middle Eastern cuisine prepared with a great love of food and excellent cooking skills by the family that owns the Palace. Come and join us for an untraditional conference dinner.

House of the Citizens (conference reception)

With a fantastic location right next to the railway station, opposite the small royal castle of Odense, surrounded by a park and less than 400 m from the famous street food market called Storms Pakhus (Storm’s Warehouse), the House of the Citizens is the perfect venue for a conference reception. The House of the Citizens is home to all kinds of cultural events, of which there will be small samples during the conference reception. The House of the Citizens is also the home of the public library of the city and is – as you will see – an architectural gem in itself.

52nd LIBER Annual Conference