Hotels in Odense

Odense is a thriving city in the middle of Denmark with many options to choose from for your stay. We have pre-booked rooms with a discount for LIBER participants at the following hotels in Odense, located close to the train/bus station. To book one of these rooms, please fill out this registration form: Hotel Booking Form – for LIBER participants DOCX-format or PDF-format) and send it to by May 23 2022.

There is only a discount if you make the reservation through the University of Southern Denmark. Therefore, do NOT book directly with the hotels.

Hotels Single room per night Double room per night Breakfast per day Note Available dates Hotel website
Scandic 725 DKK N/A Included 25 single rooms available. 03/07-2022 -08/07-2022
Hotel Odense 800 DKK N/A 75 DKK 50 single rooms available. 03/07-2022 -08/07-2022
Hotel H.C. Andersen 950 DKK 1.150 DKK Included 80 single rooms and 20 double rooms available 03/07-2022 -08/07-2022
Hotel Ansgar 635 DKK N/A Included 11 single rooms available. 03/07-2022 -08/07-2022
Dalum Agricultural College 450 DKK 720 DKK Included 67 single rooms available. 01/07-2022 -08/07-2022
City Hotel 812,5 DKK 1.187,5 DKK Included 23 single rooms available and 20 double rooms available. 03/07-2022 -08/07-2022
Hotel Odeon 900 DKK 1.050 DKK 112,5 DKK 50 single rooms available and 20 double rooms available. 01/07-2022 -08/07-2022


PLEASE NOTE: The current prices are subject to slight changes.
Reservations can be made from 01-07-2022 to 08-07-2022 – if you need a longer stay then please contact

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