Pre-Conference Workshop 1/3: Advancing the Use of Data Science and Digital Scholarship in Libraries: A DSLib & DSDCH Working Group Collaboration

Pre-Conference Workshop 1/3: Advancing the Use of Data Science and Digital Scholarship in Libraries: A DSLib & DSDCH Working Group Collaboration
Organised by the Digital Scholarship and Digital Cultural Heritage Collections Working Group & Data Science in Libraries Working Group

Location: CEU – Auditorium

Presenters: Caleb Derven, Nora MacGregor, Péter Király

The LIBER Data Science in Libraries Working Group organised two workshops in previous events (LIBER 2022 Conference, LIBER 2022 Winter Event) to initialise a discussion on the promises and daily practice of data science in libraries. At the end of 2022, the working group launched a survey for libraries, based on the literature, the conclusions of these workshops, our meetings, and a test survey. The survey included questions about activities, organizational embedding, funding and the management of legal and ethical issues. During this workshop, the working group will discuss the preliminary results of the survey, and will collect ideas for the next steps. 

The preliminary results of the workshop have already shown that it will be crucial to develop the skills that are needed to work with digital collections and digital methods. In 2023/2024, the Data Science in Libraries (DSLib) and Digital Scholarship and Digital Cultural Heritage (DSDCH) working groups will collaborate on the development of a prototype for an open, online, collaboratively curated and sustained resource to make more visible and discoverable existing training materials for LIBER members.   

In the last few years, online and freely available training materials aimed at upskilling library staff to support, and use in their own right, digital research tools and methods, have proliferated. Finding these valuable resources out on the wilds of the internet remains a challenge, particularly for those just entering this area. Building on the work the DSDCH WG has previously done in surfacing and collating such resources in blog posts, the WGs are keen to create a centralised, sustainable, skills hub for LIBER members to more easily discover, and share, trusted training materials at the intersection of library collections and computing.   

During the second half of this workshop, the DSDCH WG will discuss a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) listing the requirements for this potential education resource. During the workshop, LIBER Members will be asked to comment on this MVP based on their own knowledge and expertise. 


Brief description of programme: 

9:00 – 10:30: Workshop by WG Data Science in Libraries​ 

9:00-9:30. Discussion of data science in libraries: How can data science methods enhance the activities traditionally carried out by libraries
9:30-10:00. Presentation of the main results of the survey

  • Identification of best practices 
  • Discussion of challenges and obstacles encountered by respondents 
  • Need for training and education 

10:00-10:30. Discussion of these results in smaller groups. Conclusions; Discussion of next steps; Formulations of recommendations for LIBER 

10:30 – 10:45 Coffee break​ 

​10:45 – 12:00: Workshop by WG Digital Scholarship and Digital Cultural Heritage​ 

10:45-11:15: Discussion of the MVP
11:15-11:45: Discussion of the MVP in smaller groups
11:45-12:00: Conclusions; Formulations of recommendations for LIBER

53rd LIBER Annual Conference