Pre-Conference Workshop 11: Libraries & Open Access Publishers: Fostering the Connection

Pre-Conference Workshop 11: “Libraries & Open Access Publishers: Fostering the Connection”
Organised by the Open Research Europe Project

Location: CEU – Room G05

Presenter: Georgina Durowoju

Open Research Europe (ORE) provides recipients of Horizon funding programs and their collaborators, with an Open Access platform to publish the results of their funded research at no cost to themselves, in full compliance with the European Commission’s open policies.

ORE has positioned itself as a pioneer in the pursuit of open research. Open research practices aim to open up access to all parts of the research process across academic subject areas to increase collaboration, disseminate knowledge, improve transparency and reproducibility of research, and support research integrity.

Libraries and their librarians are gateways to research dissemination, as they are the link between the (research) community and an institution. There is a need for publishers and librarians to have a synergistic relationship, to ensure research outputs have maximum visibility, which is the core aim of establishing a LIBER advocates group between librarians and ORE.

This session will serve as an opportunity to meet ahead of the conference and discuss various ways that we can further foster and nurture collaboration with institutional librarians to improve dissemination practices and how best to engage target audiences about the importance of open research.

53rd LIBER Annual Conference