Sponsor: Strategy Update


Thursday 27th June 2019

14:15 PM – 14:45 PM

Chair: Lars Burman, Uppsala University Library, Uppsala, Sweden

Collaboration and Engagement: A Framework for Library Futures and Vendor Partnerships

As a market leader in content aggregation, SaaS innovation and open source development, EBSCO wishes to engage the research community, as well as vendors and publishers, in building a culture of openness and collaboration. EBSCO therefore proposes a new framework for engagement with the scholarly and research communities working with LIBER and LIBER member libraries. This framework will lead to conversations and knowledge sharing between vendors such as EBSCO and research libraries in areas pertinent to the research community at large. This presentation will discuss the opportunities and approaches for cross-industry collaboration around areas such as open and sustainable repositories, preservation infrastructure as well as open standards and technical approaches around research workflows, open data curation and scholarly communications. An open dialogue and feedback are welcome.

Christopher Spalding, VP, Open Source Platforms & Communities at EBSCO Information Services, has spent most of his career working with systems for both research level libraries and vendors in North America and in Europe.  Before coming to EBSCO, Christopher managed library systems departments at Boston University and Simmons College in Boston, MA, Emory University in Atlanta, GA, as well as Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Initially coming from the search engine vertical in California, where his interest in data and data management grew, he gravitated to working within academic institutions in the library space. With a career long interest in open source solutions and community driven projects, Christopher is now engaged in supporting EBSCO’s commitment to an open source vision that supports innovative platforms and tools that focus on choice for libraries.

Tamir Borensztajn has served as EBSCO’s Vice President of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Strategy since 2014. In this role, Tamir helps inform and present EBSCO’s software strategy while working with libraries worldwide to understand their systems and software needs. Prior to joining EBSCO, Tamir served as Executive Director, Public Sector Innovation EMEA at Infor. He is a graduate of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and holds a Master in Library Science from Simmons College in Boston.

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