Poster Session

Poster Session

Thursday 6th of July 2023, 11:15 – 12:00

Room: Coffee & Lunch area CEU

Chair: Hilde van Wijngaarden, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  1. Thoth: Open and trusted metadata for open access books and book chapters
    Presenter: Tobias Steiner, Thoth Open Metadata, United Kingdom
  2. Data visualisation options for manuscript sources
    Presenters: Kata Ágnes Szűcs, Emese Varga and Tamara Csilla Makkai, National Széchényi Library, Hungary 
  3. Disseminating Open science: from librarians’ watch to in-house expertise
    Cédric Mercier, Université Paris-Saclay & Couperin, France
    Jacqueline Gillet, INRIA & Couperin, France
  4. Baltic university libraries upskilling for civic engagement
    Presenter: Svea Kaseorg, University of Tartu, Estonia
  5. The Open Book Collective’s Community Governance Model— A Reflection Post Launch
    Presenter: Francesca Corazza, Open Book Collective, United States of America
  6. Supporting and taking strategic participation in open science infrastructures at the université Paris Nanterre
    Presenter: Cecile Swiatek Cassafieres, Université Paris Nanterre, France
  7. Open Science Indicators: A new source of information to understand researchers’ needs and practices
    Presenter: Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, PLOS, United Kingdom
  8. Stepping up Open Science in Research Performing Organisations: OpenAIRE services for a sustainable open infrastructure
    Athina Papadopoulou, OpenAIRE, Greece
    Pedro Principe, University of Minho, Portugal
  9. OpenAIRE Content Provider Dashboard: enabling trust and value within the EOSC repositories
    Presenter: Pedro Principe, University of Minho, Portugal
  10. Improving the user experience through automated and on-the-fly metadata enrichment: Episciences overlay journals and the Open Science Lens page Enhancer
    Presenter: Raphaël Tournoy, CNRS, France
  11. EODOPEN: User Dialogue, Audience Development, Copyright Issues & On-Demand Access to Hidden Collections
    Presenters: Elena Sipria-Mironov and Liisi Lembinen, University of Tartu, Estonia 
  12. Agency in negotiating open access with publishers: how can libraries empower authors in their publishing process?
    Presenter: Hanna de Vries, Utrecht University Library, The Netherlands

52nd LIBER Annual Conference