A New Copyright Directive for Europe

A New Copyright Directive for Europe – New opportunities for research libraries

Date workshop: 26th June

Timing workshop: 9-12 AM

Coffee break: 10.15 AM

Minimum number of particpants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 50

In Spring 2019 the new copyright directive will have been passed. This offers up many new and exciting opportunities for researchers.

LIBER since 2012 has campaigned tirelessly during the long run up to the proposal for a new directive in 2016, and since this date to its passing into force in April 2019.

The directive introduces new possibilities including international cooperation on preserving in copyright works, distance learning, text and data mining as well as solutions for the mass digitisation of in copyright but out of commerce works.

This session will focus in particular on how to interpret the new text and data mining exception in detail, as well as how to engage with member state governments in order to ensure that the new directive is transposed into national law in the way that most suits libraries.

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