Citizen Science Explained

Citizen Science Explained: Developing Citizen Science Support Service for Research Libraries

Date workshop: 26.06.2019

Timing workshop: 9:00 – 12:00

Coffee break: 10.15AM

Minimum number of participants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 40

The moderators of this workshop have the ambition to create a future oriented, innovative and an inviting event that will try to identify opportunities, challenges and practical solutions for research libraries that like to develop a Citizen Science support service.

Citizen Science is a fundamental element of at least three roadmaps that serve as inspiration for many European research libraries: the LIBER roadmap, the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) and the LERU Roadmap. It has strong support from the EC as the new framework programme clearly recommends a stronger relationship between Science and Society. LIBER, LERU and OSPP all offer a series of recommendations about what could be done in this area. In accordance research libraries is presented with the opportunity to create new services and support university strategy in collaboration with Faculty.

This workshop aims to show HOW research libraries can move to an implementation mode. It will outline WHY Citizen Science is relevant, and furthermore in a dialogue format present WHAT possible avenues research libraries can pursue.

The workshop will be developed around the LIBER’s four recommendations on Citizen Science (as defined in its Open Science Roadmap), and the moderators will work with their participants to start develop a number of such services.

Many Citizen Science approaches are still very basic, where the lay-citizens are seen as data sources or data collectors. Libraries should leap-frog this basic and insufficient stage and start designing user-centric services that not only facilitate a greater engagement but also help researchers better understand and act towards the societal needs.

The main outcome of this workshop is to draft an implementation plan for libraries that could turn into reality the recommendations made by LIBER through its published Open Science roadmap. The main role of the moderators will be to trigger creativity while constantly maintaining a desired course over the ground.

On the practical side, the participants could have the following takeaways from this workshop:

  • What is Citizen Science? And why is it relevant to my library?
  • Stakeholder analysis – the needs of researchers and faculty
  • Strategic approach
  • Citizen Science dialogue with Faculty
  • Skills analysis
  • Teaching formats and needs for bachelor and graduate students
  • Citizen Science dialogue with Ph.D. schools/programmes
  • Outreach to high schools and folk schools
  • Research support and FAIR data

The workshop finally will address the future of Citizen Science in a LIBER-setting and establish and discuss a connection to a upcoming LIBER Work Group within the field.

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