Data management cooperation in practice: Lesson learned

Data management cooperation in practice: Lesson learned

Date workshop: 6.7.2022

Timing workshop: 9:00 – 12:00

Coffee break: 10.15AM

Minimum number of participants: 30

Maximum number of participants: 50

The workshop will cover experiences and lessons learned from library involvement in research data management cooperation’s and projects of the last five years. Current roles and future implication will be discussed:  

Is the library role for data management diminishing? (In view of the EOSC)  

Are the skills of librarians still relevant/recognized or have they ever been?  

What services or tools from these cooperation’s/projects can be applied in libraries?  

Will research libraries just become research data archives?  

The workshop will be a combination of interviews, lightning talks and interactive discussions.   

52nd LIBER Annual Conference