Hot RDM topics from a library perspective

‘Hot RDM topics’ from a library perspective: what are the challenges and what role can library professionals play?

It’s been eight years since LIBER published 10 recommendations for libraries to get started with RDM. Since then, libraries have been actively involved in RDM, playing different roles and having various tasks. Notwithstanding the progress that libraries have made over the years, in RDM, libraries are largely faced with the same challenges, i.e. RDM as a strategic topic and developing adequate RDM services. What’s different and stands out today is a need for clarification of the role of the library and library professionals in solving the RDM challenges. This is the focus of the LIBER RDM workshop.

In 2020, the LIBER RDM Working Group has prioritized 8 ‘hot RDM topics’ that require further guidance and articulation from the library perspective. The workshop will focus on these topics, i.e. data stewardship, FAIR data, data curation, data rights, DMP reviews, RDM training, implementing RDM policies, and engaging researchers. Brief pitches will be held for the hot topics, articulating the challenges and how libraries can move forward in these areas.

We invite library data professionals, both newcomers and experts, to join us in an active workshop. The workshop participants will be challenged to discuss and review the deliverables of the LIBER RDM working group and to ‘brand’ the library in the field of

Organising party: LIBER RDM Working Group

Workshop program:

  1. Introduction
    – Why, what, how of the session
    – Get to know each other and our expectations
  2. Presentation of ‘hot RDM topics’
    – Examples of what has been done so far by the LIBER RDM working group
    – Identifying main challenges in RDM from the library perspective
  3. Discussion in subgroups
    – How can we tackle the identified challenges?
    – What role could library professionals play?
    – What more can the LIBER community do to move forward in these areas?
  4. Wrap up/closure
    – Report back per subgroup
    – Discuss follow-up actions for/in the LIBER RDM working group

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