Open to Society: New networks, strategy, and in practice

Open to Society: New networks, strategy, and in practice

Date workshop: 6.7.2022

Timing workshop: 9:00 – 12:00

Coffee break: 10.15AM

Minimum number of participants: 20

Maximum number of participants: 50

Research libraries can play key roles in opening up science to society by taking up tasks in public engagement in science.  

During the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-21) numerous centres and services on Open Science and Citizen Science has emerged. Also, the first wave of the EU Horizon Europe programme has been published relying heavily on Open Science and Citizen Science.   

The role and place of universities in society are shifting and various initiatives seem to bridge the gap between science and citizens. But the framework, knowledge and possible implementation of these new standards seem diverse and somehow not consistent enough to produce sustainable change.   

This workshop first aims to frame the field, lay out strategic options and dwell into concrete cases, and second discuss and work with participants for concrete measures for implementation.   

The moderators are co-chairing the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group and Coordinator of Citizen Science at Leiden University. In this workshop, we will illustrate the interests, the thrill and the achievements working to improve the academic mission in order to better serve the society.   


1) Setting the scene. Policy and strategy: international trends, guidelines and recommendations (Tiberius Ignat)   

2) Strategy, new networks and implementation: The Citizen Science Lab at Leiden University and CS in The Netherlands (Margaret Gold)   

3) Bridging the gap: The library as facilitators between science as society. Recruitment of user communities at SDU CS Knowledge Center (Anne Kathrine Overgaard and Thomas Kaarsted)   


Participants are invited to join two tracks and get concrete take aways on:   

1) Framing the language and aligning the mission of your library to context of Citizen Science and Open Science (Ignat & Gold)   

2) How to engage societal stakeholder (Overgaard & Kaarsted) 

52nd LIBER Annual Conference