Where to from now on? Innovative metrics WG

Where to from now on? Innovative metrics WG

Date workshop: 26th June

Timing workshop: 9-12 AM

Coffee break: 10.15 AM

Minimum number of particpants: 10

Maximum number of participants: 20

Scientific authors are increasingly sharing free-rider authorships and using dubious methods to maximize their citations in order to boost traditional performance-based measures like the h-index. Academia and the para-academic industry has responded to this by inventing and suggesting new metrics (Altmetrics). The new measures claim to give a much more nuanced picture of researcher performance than the traditional ones.

Some e.g. claim to be able to reflect something as complex as ‘societal impact of research’. In our workshop we will discuss strengths and weaknesses of new and old measures and to what extend the new measures contains the same weaknesses as the old. We will discuss the effects of the introduction of performance-based measures on the ethical standards of researchers. We will also discuss the possibilities of developing new measures based not on quantity but instead of quality of research and of course what role the ‘New Research Library’ should play in this.

Drawing on the expertise of workshop participants, the group will give 4-5 individual presentations based on the work done by the WG members over the last 12 months and will end in a panel discussion aiming at setting the goals for the work in the 12 months to come.

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