Data Visualisation and Metrics

Data Visualisation and Metrics

Friday 26 June 2020, 13:00-14:30 CEST

Chair/Moderator: Dr. Charlotte Wien, University of Southern Denmark



  • Trust through Data: Forecasting the fulfilment and cost of your serials collection (by Jason Priem & Dr. Heather Piwowar)
  • Introducing pay-to-publish in cost distribution models of ‘The Bibsam Consortium, Sweden’. The impact of transformative publisher contracts on cost distribution to Consortium participants (by Britt-Marie Wideberg & Anna Lundén)
  • Building Trust after the Labour Action: A Way Forward for a Nascent Bibliometric Service (Andrea Szwajcer & Sherri Vokey)

Session Overview

In this session, three papers will be presented focusing on developments in the field of metrics and how these could aid libraries across Europe and worldwide.

The first paper will help libraries to be equipped with better data to negotiate with publishers, communicate with the administration and faculty, and better understand their own serials collection spend and fulfillment. Jason Priem and Dr. Heather Piwowar will outline ways to forecast both the “read” side of your subscription spend and the “publish” side of article-processing charges (APCs) paid by your university, as well as fulfillment path forecasts over the next five years. They will discuss new metrics, open datasets and open tools to achieve the goal set above.

The second presentation by Britt-Marie Wideberg and Anna Lundén will explore how the Steering Committee of the Bibsam Consortium plan to take action on the results of the study conducted by the National Library of Sweden, addressing future cost distribution scenarios, an international comparison, and a calculation of the financial impact of changing cost distribution models on participants of Consortium. They will subsequently focus on possible next steps on how to continue the work to find a fair and transparent internal cost allocation model. By sharing the insights from the study and the internal work currently in progress, they hope to share experiences gained so far and inspire and enter into dialogue with other interested libraries and consortia.

The final talk will focus on the consideration of governance and appropriate use of performance metrics as an ongoing concern among the academic community. After Labour Action in October and November 2016, the mediated agreement included a recommendation to form a joint committee with a mandate to determine whether the collective agreement could include language restricting the use of performance metrics at an individual level. Andrea Szwajcer and Sherri Vokey will provide an instructive case study on the role of academic librarians’ evolving role in the responsible and ethical stewardship of metrics for libraries wishing to provide support services for bibliometric and related performance metrics-based services.

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