Christine Koontz

Dr. Koontz is a recently retired and current adjunct faculty member at Florida State University (FSU) and San Jose State University (SJSU), USA.  

Her academic training is in communications, including journalism, advertising, and marketing. Koontz pioneered the critical need to understand the geographic and spatial nature of individual libraries, by collecting data that describe people who use a single library, and what materials and services they use, and approximating the distance they will travel for library services.

Koontz won the prestigious Carroll Baber Research Award from the American Library Association, to identify differences in use patterns amongst communities comprised of people with greater or lesser income, education, and racial diversity. This research led to a nationwide study identifying 3500 lower income and majority-minority library markets, describing how people within these markets use materials and services in the library. This type of in-library use is rarely collected by public libraries, and provides a picture of the critical and diverse information needs of people who have less discretionary time, and are less likely to have the library and reading habit. Her research was the basis of the U.S. Public Library Geographic Database. The database included relevant US census data and library use data from 16,000 communities.

Koontz teaches marketing domestically and abroad. She is the recent author, along with co-author Lorri Mon of “Marketing and Social Media: a Guide for Libraries, Archives, and Museums.”

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