Workshop 1 | Developing a Strategic Response to Artificial Intelligence

Workshop 1 | Developing a Strategic Response to Artificial Intelligence

Room: TBA
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This interactive workshop will give participants the knowledge and insights to develop a strategic approach to the potential of AI appropriate for their library context.

It is suitable both for those with a general interest in AI and also those with managerial responsibilities.

The first part of the session seeks to demystify AI and to define the main uses in library contexts, with an emphasis on responsible, ethical uses.

The second part starts with a discussion of the wider strategic context, eg evolving national and institutional strategies, and a framework of organisational AI capability. A SWOT analysis of libraries’ ability to make use of AI is developed. The workshop then offers a set of structured questions designed to help librarians navigate the issue to develop a strategic response. Participants will be enabled to think through how their library can develop a feasible response to AI.

The third part dives more deeply into specific relevant uses of AI, specifically in managing collections, promoting AI literacy, using AI in everyday library work and stewarding data as the basis for all AI. Considerations such as user benefits and staffing requirements (including impact on equity) are discussed.

  1. What is AI and why is it controversial? What are the main responsible uses of AI relevant to libraries?
  2. What is the strategic context for decision making? What constitutes AI capability? What strategic approaches to AI are available for libraries?
  3. How can we use AI in our library?
  • AI and the library collection
  • Promoting AI literacy
  • Using AI in everyday library work
  • Data governance and stewardship

Learning outcomes, will include:

  1. A sound understanding of AI and its relevance to libraries.
  2. The ability to evaluate different strategic approaches to AI for libraries.
  3. In-depth understanding of some AI applications in the library context.

Approach: the emphasis is on enabling participants to share their experiences and use structured tools to develop a response appropriate to their library’s needs.

The workshop is rooted in the work of IFLA Special Interest Group on AI Developing a library strategic response to Artificial Intelligence,

53rd LIBER Annual Conference