Workshop 3 | Monitoring Open Science: PathOS Open Science Indicators

Workshop 3 | Monitoring Open Science: PathOS Open Science Indicators

Room: TBA
Organised by PathOS Project
Speaker: TBA

Open Science monitoring and Research Libraries

Research Libraries and librarians play an essential role in delivering Open Science training, the implementation of infrastructure such as publication, data and educational resources repositories, the preservation, curation, publication and dissemination of resources and Open Science monitoring. Research librarians have long been working to build capacity and serve as intermediaries to publish in OA journals, discover trustable publishing venues, manage APCs, and develop research information systems, so they are key stakeholders in the process of developing indicators for Open Science monitoring.

PathOS project

PathOS is a Horizon Europe project aiming to collect evidence of Open Science effects, by studying the impact pathways (context, resources, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts), doing an extensive literature review, studying the causal effects, and doing a cost-benefit analysis of Open Science practices in selected case studies.

This project is developing an Open Science Indicators Handbook i which collects meaningful indicators for Open Science under the academic, societal, economic and reproducibility categories. It intends to function as a “cookbook” for ready implementation, and each indicator is constituted by its description, how it can be measured, suggested data sources, correlations, and the most important references on the subject. Examples of indicators are the availability of publication repositories, availability of data repositories, availability of preprint repositories, prevalence of open/FAIR data practices, prevalence of Open Method practices, etc.

Workshop objetives and agenda

This workshop aims at raising awareness in the research libraries community about the need for the establishment of Open Science indicators and getting feedback on the Handbook of Open Science Indicators proposed within PATHOS project, as well as improving the indicators and fostering its dissemination and reuse.

A draft agenda is provided below:

Presentation of the PathOS project goals and outcomes so far: impact pathways for Open Science and main conclusions from the scoping review on Open Science Impacts

Presentation and discussion of the Handbook of Open Science Indicators

Discussion and feedback on the indicators by relevant stakeholders representing policy makers (EUA), research librarians (LIBER OA Working group), and other European projects working on Open Science indicators (GraspOS, Opus).

53rd LIBER Annual Conference