Workshop 7 | 2-to-tango? – Workshop on Libraries’ Interdependence with Technology Providers

Workshop 7 | 2-to-tango? – Workshop on Libraries’ Interdependence with Technology Providers

Room: Andreas Themistokleous – Room Lemesos
Organised by LIBER and DFFU
Speakers: Heli Kautonen and Karin Bettina Englev

In the increasingly digitalised information environment, library operations rely on diverse technologies and technological products that range from library management systems, indexing and discovery tools to digital repositories, archives and social media platforms. Many organisations purchase their technical solutions from market-leading (library) technology providers, while others develop their digital library services in-house – also for their peer libraries to utilise. The landscape is, however, changing as new innovations, such as generative AI applications, claim the attention of the fields of education and research. Recent technological advances challenge libraries’ competencies but may also offer new opportunities and roles for research libraries.

In this workshop, we present the first-hand results from a study conducted by DFFU and LIBER on libraries’ interdependence with technology providers. The two library associations joined forces to explore the landscape in Denmark to discover the characteristics of library technology development, acquisition, implementation and use. The study aimed to understand the formal and informal aspects of current interrelations, whether they are based on service contracts or collaborative agreements. The goal of the study is to inform future directions for the members of DFFU and LIBER.

After the presentation of the landscape study among the Danish research and education libraries, the workshop focuses on the participants’ experiences and conclusions that the presentation of study results provoked.

The workshop participants will learn about the systems and technologies used in Danish libraries and the characteristics of the current interdependencies, partnerships or collaborations that Danish research libraries have with their technology providers. During the workshop, we will discuss the impact of the technology on libraries and their services, and the future challenges and opportunities for research libraries.

The workshop outcome will be analysed and published for the members of DFFU and LIBER as preliminary guidelines for future collaboration – or contract negotiations – with technology providers.

Session description:

  • Introduction and goals
  • Presentation of the study in plenum
  • Discussion in groups
  • Break
  • Elaboration of conclusions
  • Wrap-up in plenum

53rd LIBER Annual Conference