Workshop 8 | Citizen Science: Partnerships for Science and Society

Workshop 8 | Citizen Science: Partnerships for Science and Society

Room: TBA
Organised by the Citizen Science Working Group
Speaker: TBA

Citizen Science is an example of Open Science state-of-art library services for science and society.

This rapidly spreading method can foster independence, sustainability, and progress for libraries, researchers, and citizens as well as the innovative use of library spaces.

Citizen Science has the potential of discovering new solutions for wicked problems that one entity cannot solve by itself. Climate change, extreme poverty, pandemics, health inequalities, and natural disasters are just a few examples of where citizens may hold the key to driving (partial) solutions for a better world (Hodgkinson et al. 2022).

Building on the knowledge and experience of the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group this workshop focuses on a crucial but difficult part of this endeavour: Building partnerships for science and society.

The workshop will consist of two parts.

  1. Four case reports from research libraries that highlight examples, learnings, pros and cons of building partnerships with researchers and social actors. The report are from: 
    • LIBOCS-project (the Baltics) 
    • University Library of Southern Denmark
    • National and University Library in Zagreb
    • TU Wien Library
  2. A Hands-On Session: Creating Partnership Frameworks. In this session and building on the BESPOC-model (Ayris and Ignat 2020) the facilitators will introduce templates and models for participants that will ensure tangible results for partnerships at their library.

53rd LIBER Annual Conference