Libraries for Teaching and Learning

Libraries for Teaching and Learning

This workshop is being organised by the following parties, as a test-run for a possible LIBER Working Group on Libraries for Teaching and Learning:

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Finnish Literature Society, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University, Trinity College Dublin

The support for teaching and learning at research libraries is expanding and there is a growing focus on new and innovative ways of delivering different types of educational content, facilitating educational innovation and training on data/information literacy. There is a growing need to exchange ideas and learn from each other on how to implement new services, such as maker spaces or augmented reality, in the library. This workshop provides its participants an opportunity to share some success stories, as well as issues arising when reality doesn’t meet the plans. During the workshop participants will also draft ideas for further (LIBER-) activities around this topic.

Topics include:

  • Makerspaces
  • 3D printing and scanning, laser cutting, etc.
  • Creation of interactive content for richer learning experiences
  • Open interactive textbooks, Augmented Reality, etc.
  • Re-use of open educational resources (OER)
  • Where to find qualitative learning materials, how to edit, etc.
  • The ‘teaching librarian’:
  • Instructional design
  • Digital scholarship (eg. GIS, digital mapping, data visualisation),
  • Media/data literacy (Fake News, Wikipedia editing)

Format of the workshop:

Short presentations of experiences during the first half of the workshop and interactive goal setting in the second half of the workshop.

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