Transitioning Scholarly Journals to Open Access

Transitioning Scholarly Journals to Open Access: A Guide to Transformative Agreements

This workshop will cover three core elements of negotiating and implementing Transformative Agreements that repurpose subscription funds to support Open Access publishing, as part of an institution’s broader Open Access strategy. The workshop will provide an in-depth examination of how data analysis can inform Open Access negotiations. It will also introduce some financial mechanisms of transition being adopted in recently concluded Transformative Agreements, and explore their essential characteristics and terms.

Organising parties: LIBER Open Access Working Group, OA2020 and ESAC Initiatives

The workshop will be organised in two parts.

  1. An expert panel with experienced data analysts from European research libraries will explain how they have been working with data from different sources and methods of analysis to inform negotiations of Transformative Agreements. The speakers will show how they have combined data about an institution’s current subscription spending, research article output, and estimation of APC expenditure of their authors, to provide insights to support modelling and Transformative Agreement strategies.
    This first section of the workshop will then be followed by a breakout session, where the participants can think about how they can work with data from their own library to form a basis for negotiations.
  2.  Transformative Agreements are, by definition, temporary and transitional, and every Transformative Agreement must be considered iterative, building on the latest benchmarks achieved in the landscape. In this part of the workshop we have invited two experts from libraries or consortia who have negotiated Transformative Agreements to illustrate exactly how subscription funds are repurposed to support Open Access publishing, drawing on examples from their own and other recent agreements documented in the ESAC Registry.
    The second section will be followed by a breakout session where participants will be given an opportunity to review and discuss the negotiation principles listed on the ESAC website.

The aim of the workshop is to inform the development of an updated version of the LIBER principles of negotiations.


10:00 – 10:15 Welcome and Introductions, Workshop objectives, Five Open Access Principles for Negotiations with Publishers

Presenter: Sofie Wennström, LIBER OA WG Chair

10:15 – 10:45 Putting the LIBER 5 Principles into practice: perspectives of data analysts

Experts from the ESAC Data Analytics Working Group will present how their institutions and consortia have sought to adhere to the LIBER principles and what approaches they have adopted specifically with regard to data analytics.

Speakers: Jens Aasheim, Unit – Norway; Michael Svendsen, Royal Danish Library – Denmark; Najko Jahn, State and University Library Göttingen – Germany; Adam Der, Max Planck Digital Library – Germany

10:45- 11:15 Break-out session

Participants will break out into smaller groups, led by a data analyst from the ESAC WG, for more focused discussions and information sharing around the data-related challenges, approaches and successes in complying with the LIBER 5 principles.

Chairs: Sofie Wennström & Colleen Campbell

11:15– 11.25 Take a break!

11:25–11:45 Guided by our principles, how far have we come?

The second part of the workshop will begin with an overview of some of the key principles, operational guidelines and recommendations put forth by the community since LIBER launched the Five Principles, with highlights of the progress the ensuing agreements have made to date.

Presenter: Colleen Campbell, Open Access 2020 Initiative 

11:45 – 12:00 Defining new negotiation principles, what more can we aim for?

The UK’s Jisc Collections is just completing a revision of their negotiation principles and will share insights into the motivation, rationale, and process that led them to their new principles, along with what they aim to achieve in their negotiations.

Chair: Paul Johnson – Speaker(s) Anna Vernon & Caren Milloy, Jisc Collections

12:00 – 12:30 How can we make our principles more powerful? Break-out work

Based on the information shared in the course of the workshop, and the personal experience of all participants, groups will discuss and formulate proposals on how LIBER’s Five Principles could be updated, refined, or developed to reflect the current and changing landscape and further empower publisher open access negotiations of LIBER members and libraries everywhere. Recommendations will be recorded in a padlet (or similar tool) and shared with the broader group.

Chair: Paul Johnson

12:30–12:50 Break-out session feedback and recommendations

Chair: Sofie Wennström

12:50 – 13:00 Wrap-up, prioritization and next steps

Concluding the workshop, our Chair will solicit input from all participants on how best to carry forward the results of the workshop.

Chair: Sofie Wennström

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