Industry Update: Figshare

Industry Update: Figshare

Figshare for institutions is a home for papers, FAIR data and non-traditional research outputs. Since 2011, Figshare has provided best in class data repositories to universities and publishers including Springer Nature, Wiley, ACS, University College London, Stockholm University, University of Amsterdam, Monash university, national infrastructure for South African universities and powers the ChemRxiv preprint server.

At the request of their institutional partners Figshare has spent the last year building traditional institutional repository (IR) functionality to create a combined IR and data repository, an ‘all in one’ repository. This development has allowed institutions to retire their old repositories, consolidate systems and provide a single interface to showcase all the research outputs of an institution. Figshare has also spent the last year building connections with the wider research ecosystems like electronic lab notebooks (ELN), CRIS and RIMS and preservation systems. We look forward to discussing these exciting developments with you all!

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