Pre-Conference Workshops

Delegates can select one of the following pre-conference workshops.

All workshops take place on the morning of Wednesday 26 June. Delegates must register for their chosen workshop as part of their overall LIBER 2019 conference registration. For all workshops, a coffee break will be held at 10:15.

  1. Citizen Science Explained – Developing Citizen Science Support Service for Research Libraries (9:00-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)
  2. The Landscape of European DH libraries – (9:00-10:15; after the coffee break delegates will go to Workshop 4)
  3. Open Science Essentials – Towards a Skill Set and Showcases  (9:00-10:15; after the coffee break delegates will go to Workshop 4)
  4. Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud – What’s in it for Research Libraries? (10:30-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)
  5. LIBER Linked Open Data Working Group – LOD Publication for Libraries (9:00-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)
  6. How European policies and legislation affect academic library leaders and recent changes to copyright, public sector information and Horizon Europe  (9:00-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)
  7. Where to From Now? –  Innovative Metrics Working Group (9:00-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)
  8. FAIR Data Principles –  Applying Them in Day-to-Day Library Practice (9:00-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)
  9. Open Access Books in Academic Libraries – How Can We Adapt Workflows and Cost Management to an Open Scholarly Communications Landscape? (9:00-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)
  10. Trinity LibTech Research Showcase – Note: if you have registered for the Newcomers’ Session you will not be able to attend this workshop as the two workshops overlap. (9:00-12:30; coffee break: 10:00 & 11:30)
  11. LIBER Emerging Leaders Alumni Network meeting: Research Libraries for Society – Only open to alumni of LIBER’s Emerging Leaders programme. (9:00-12:00; coffee break: 10:15)

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