About Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital city of the Republic of Serbia and also the country’s largest city. City lies on the confluence of the Sava and Danube. Belgrade has a pleasant continental climate, especially in the spring. Nowdays Belgrade is popular tourist destination often known as the party capital of Southeastern Europe. Belgradians are worm, friendly and hospitable people. Belgrade is famous for offering great number of entertainment venues, many historical sites, great museums, galleries, libraries, churches and delicious local food.

Currency: The currency in Serbia is Serbian Dinar (RSD). The course varies but it is roughly 1EUR-118RSD. Belgrade is considered to be a budget-friendly city.  Check exchange course:

Weather: Usually In June the sky above Belgrade is sunny and clear, and the weather is pleasant. We expect temperatures from 13° to 28°.

Accommodation: Belgrade has over 50 hotels and more than 100 hostels, as well as private accommodation. We advise you to choose accommodation at the Hotel Mona Plaza , where the Conference will be held.

For detailed information on accommodation, visit Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

Places to Visit



Knez Mihailova

The first  street for tourists to visit is the Knez Mihailova Street, named after Mihailo Obrenović III, Prince of Serbia. This street is pedestrian zone and also a shopping center and it welcomes numerous tourists and visitors every day in year and also represents a meeting place for many Belgrade citizens every day. Ambience of this street is characterized by numerous buildings and houses that were built in the late 1970s.


Name of Kalemegdan is formed from two Turkish words: Kale (fortress”) and Megdan (“battlefield”). It represents the biggest park and important historical monument in Belgrade. At Kalemegdan are located the Military Museum, the Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić”, the City Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, the Zoo, a children’s amusement park, a large number of sports fields, restaurants and more.


Skadarlija is a vintage street, an urban neighborhood and former municipality of Belgrade. The famous street preserved the ambiance of the traditional urban architecture, its archaic urban organization. Paris has Montmartre, Belgrade has Skadarlija. In the 1860s small cafes and taverns were opened in Skadarska Street and artists began to gather there, creating a specific atmosphere and a unique spirit of the place. The preserved ambiance of the winding, tree lined street in cobble stones and old houses with well-known taverns of the still burning “bohemian centre” are a particularly precious feature of Belgrade. If you want to feel the authentic spirit of old Belgrade, it’s the right time time to visit Skadarlija.

White palace

White palace was built with the personal funds of King Alexander I. The palace is located in the Royal Compound, a complex of residences built for the Karađorđević royal family between 1924 and 1937. The royal compound covers an area of 134 hectares, of which 27 hectares surround the Royal Palace and another 12 hectares the White Palace. The White Palace is open for public visitations on weekends during the tourist season from April to November.

Ada Ciganlja

Ada Ciganlija, shortened Ada, is the most popular recreational zone in Belgrade. Commonly refered to as Belgrade’s Sea, it is most notable for its beaches and sports facilities: cycle path, bungee jump, climbing rock, basketball and tennis courts, walking zone and much more. Ada offers a large number of restaurants and cafes with a beautiful view of Sava Lake. The peninsula is a habitat for numerous plant and animal species, therefore the area of Ada Ciganlija is protected by law.


There is only one civil airport in Belgrade – “Aerodrom Nikola Tesla“, so you cannot make a mistake, but there are several ways to reach the city center from the airport: Public Transportation Buses depart every 20 minutes from the exit from arrivals. The ticket can be bought on the bus and it costs 300RSD (approx. 2€50). А1 Mini bus will take you to Slavija, one of the central squares in Belgrade, Line 72 to Zeleni venac Square, Line 607 to New Belgrade. If you are taking a cab, please contact the city service TAXIINFO, located in the baggage claim area at Nikola Tesla Airport. Do not forget to take the taxi receipt at the airport Info Desk specifying the desired destination and the price for taxi service. This approximately will cost 20€.

There are buses to Belgrade from all over Europe, which is a cheap way of traveling. Get off at the central bus station which is also situated in the city center.

It is possible to arrive by train from several directions. The most common way if you come from Western Europe is via Budapest, however, if you take a low cost flight to Timisuara you can also come from there by train.The station you need is Belgrade Central.

Coming north from Subotica and Novi Sad, the E-75 highway is recommended, as well as driving to Belgrade from the south. From the west, use the E-70 highway (from Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc.). If your vehicle is registered and insured in an EU country you do not need a green card.

Public transport in Belgrade: Public transport in Belgrade is organized as network of buses, trolleybuses, and trams in the city and its suburbs, in one name GSP Beograd. GSP network has BusPlus system of pay of charge in every vehicle which means electronic system of paying. You can buy several types of tickets for transportation: 1.Non-personalized card: It is possible to by a plastic card (RSD 250/€2.5) which you can use for buying tickets for all kind of public transport in Belgrade. The fare of ticket is RSD 90 (€0.7). In every vehicle there is a device where you can type your card with the tickets. One ticket is valid 90 minutes. The card and the tickets you can by in almost all kiosks in the town. 2. Daily tickets: It is possible, also, to by a card for daily tickets for public transport. You have possibility to by ticket for one, three or five days. The fare of card is RSD 40 (€0.4). The fare of the tickets are: for one day ticket the fare is RSD 250 (€2.5), for three days tickets is RSD 700 (€7), and for five days ticket is RSD 1.000 (€10).. 3. The third possibility is to buy a card in vehicle at the driver For 90 minutes you can change all kind of public transport in Belgrade. The fare of the ticket is RSD 150 (€1.5).


Mona Plaza

Solunska 21, Belgrade

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Image credits: Panorama Beograd: Zlatan Jovanovic[CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons; Krumb77, Knez Mihailova ulica, od Kalemegdana do Obilićevog venca, proleće, CC BY-SA 3.0; Zoran Životić Uploader: ZivojinMisic slike, Skadarlija street, Belgrade, Serbia, CC BY 3.0; Aleksandar Cosic, NoviBG Nov30 2005, CC BY-SA 2.5; Lumen roma, BeliDvorInt, CC BY-SA 3.0; Magyshadow, Ada Ciganlija panorama2, CC BY-SA 4.0

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