Venue: Cyprus University of Technology

Venue: Cyprus University of Technology

Founded in 2004, the Cyprus University of Technology has been at the forefront of education and innovation in Cyprus. With a commitment to meeting the evolving intellectual needs of the nation, CUT has become a hub for academic excellence and research. Admission is highly competitive, often requiring entrance examinations organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus. The university places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, reserving places for students with special needs or unique circumstances. Practical solutions are readily available to students facing various challenges, whether related to accessing university facilities or academic support.

Since its inception, CUT has experienced remarkable growth. From a modest start, it has grown to accommodate a diverse student body across multiple faculties and departments. Currently, CUT serves a student population of 3000. With a focus on quality education and research, CUT has earned recognition globally, ranking among the top universities in Cyprus and making its mark on the world stage. The university’s commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by its active involvement in research and innovation. CUT houses 35, fostering an environment of discovery and collaboration. As a testament to its dedication, CUT is continually ranked among the top institutions globally and regionally in various academic rankings.

Explore the Cyprus University of Technology and discover a world of opportunities for academic and personal growth. For more information about the programs, research initiatives, and campus facilities, please visit the official website.

The conference sessions will take place at the Tasos Papadopoulos Building

The coffee-breaks and lunches will take place at the Andreas Themistocleous Building

53rd LIBER Annual Conference