Industry Update: Glenbeigh Records Management

Industry Update: Glenbeigh Records Management

Unique to Ireland, Glenbeigh Records Management (GRM) have recently launched an oxygen reduced document storage facility, which meets the needs of organisations seeking the highest level of security and fire protection for their invaluable records and archives. Fire requires oxygen to ignite and the system deployed in this airtight facility reduces the oxygen levels below the ignition threshold, so that the possibility of a fire ever igniting is virtually eliminated.

While securely storing invaluable archives is important to many organisations so too is creating a digital repository. GRM’s scanning bureau has over 15 years’ experience successfully delivering document and book scanning projects. This scanning bureau comprises of cutting-edge hardware and software, the most up-to-date procedures, and expertise with meticulous attention to detail, in order to scan documents or books and convert them into digital files.

To book a viewing or to find out more, email or freephone 1800946398.

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