This year, our LIBER 2021 Conference is a special one indeed. That’s because our organisation is celebrating our 50th anniversary and this year also marks the 50th conference that we’ve run. Over the years our conference has served as a vibrant hub for research libraries from all over Europe. Hence, this is a milestone to be celebrated and we are very excited to welcome you at our upcoming (virtual) conference!

Because of the ongoing restrictions in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, our LIBER 2021 Conference will be held online again this year. The conference will be digitally co-hosted by our colleagues at the University of Belgrade Library in Serbia. As such, we aim to recreate and showcase our vibrant community that is the LIBER Network, while at the same time hosting our conference online and ensuring the safety of all conference participants.

Note that participation in our online conference is completely free of charge for all attendees – thanks to our vibrant and devoted community and to our sponsors for helping us achieve this! LIBER Participants make sure to register with your LIBER ID as you will receive priority seating.

Register now and join us for three full virtual conference days taking place from the 23rd to the 25th of June 2021!

52nd LIBER Annual Conference