Jacob Sherson

Jacob Sherson holds professorships of Management at Aarhus University and Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University. He is the Founder and Director of the Center for Hybrid Intelligence and the game-based citizen science platform ScienceAtHome with more than 300,000 contributors. He explores human and algorithmic problem solving through the lens of machine optimization and cognitive/social science for both natural and social science research and investigates large-scale game-based assessment of both basic cognitive skills and 21st century skills like creativity. In his Games4Good division, he explores games to enhance public participation in pressing social dilemmas such as the CoronaMinister game crowdsourcing solutions for corona containment initiatives and crea.visions launched with the UN organization AI4Good and the Danish Public Climate Summit as well as the municipalities of Venice, Paris, Aarhus and Belgrade to allow AI-enhanced generation of future scenarios.

Jacob is a scientific advisor to public and private institutions on AI and quantum technologies. He has advised dozens of small and large companies as well as public institutions  in their generative AI training and organizational transformation with an emphasis on upskilling employees and empowering the development of novel value generation streams. He was a TedX speaker (+245k views) and won the 2020 Falling Walls in Science and Innovation Management, 2019 Bold Award on Boldest AI + Boldest Scientific Project, 2018 Grundfos Prize and 2017 Ministerial Research Communication Prize.

53rd LIBER Annual Conference