Industry Update: Ubiquity Press

Industry Update: Ubiquity Press

Ubiquity Press, an open access publisher and publishing services platform provider, is launching a new institutional repository for the community. An official Samvera Community Partner, Ubiquity has been working intensively to bring the new Hyku repository to the point of market readiness, in part through a project with the British Library. The repository supports a full range of content types including data and software, full integration with services such as DataCite, Crossref and ORCiD, full import-export based on open standards, and rich multi-tenancy functionality.

The repositories will build off Ubiquity’s track record of making sustainable, Plan-S-compliant open access publishing affordable for everyone. The new repository service is fully integrated with the publishing platform, and features no lock-in with customers being able to leave the network if they so wish, and continue running their repositories with the knowledge that the platform has a large open source community behind it.


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