Industry Update: Esploro at the University of Surrey

Industry Update: Esploro at the University of Surrey

Many academic libraries recognize the need for a systematic and efficient approach for managing research output & data, to eliminate effort duplication, reduce burden on stakeholders, and increase exposure of institutional research.

Ex Libris Esploro, a cloud-based research services solution provides institutions with a unified system of records, and improves the impact, visibility, and compliance of research activities.

The University of Surrey, a public research university in England, has joined the Esploro early adopters program. The university has an institutional repository showcasing faculty research papers for more than a decade, but when the UK came out with a new rule requiring universities to make research projects data publicly available, the University of Surrey realized this system is no longer sufficient.

In an article, Fiona Greig, Head of E-Strategy and Resources for the university’s library discusses the challenges of managing research data and explain why the university decided to adopt Esploro.

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