Industry Update: OpenEdition

Industry Update: OpenEdition

OpenEdition is a comprehensive digital publishing infrastructure at the service of scientific information in the Humanities and social Sciences. The OpenEdition portal includes four publishing and communication platforms: OpenEdition Journals (500 journals)  OpenEdition Books (6,700 books from 90 publishers), Hypotheses (2,700 research blogs) and Calenda (40,000 announcements).

This French public non-profit initiative, supported by major research institutions, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019: these are 20 years of promotion of research in partnership with our users (from editorial teams to readers), of advocacy in favor of open access development, of technical developments and innovation.

A big thank you to the institutions that support us, and in particular to libraries, which -through the freemium programme- support an alternative publishing owned by the academic community. Thanks to them OpenEdition has grown and become an unique and essential player at the service of open science.

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