Welcome to LILLIAD Learning center Innovation

Welcome to LILLIAD Learning center Innovation

LILLIAD Learning Center has been open since September 2016. It was a common initiative of the University of Lille, the Hauts-de-France region and the eight centres of excellence.

It is a clear signal that the university is increasingly open to the non-academic world and provides a point of access to the university for everyone. It is the result of a deep renovation / extension of the old central University Library and its surroundings.

As a meeting and knowledge circulation space, LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation is accessible to all members of the university community, as well as companies, visionaries, secondary schools and the general public.

The originality of LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation lies in developing the culture and spirit of innovation and fostering their environment. It is associated with the university its skateholders to promote, create and enrich links between public research, academic programmes and the business world.

  • Showing innovation : SHOWCASE (expositions, events, promotions), DEMONSTRATOR (offered services, tested tools, expositions)
  • Promoting innovation : DESIGN (spaces to promote the design approach, the creativity, trans-discipline), MEETINGS (open spaces, informal, event spaces)
  • Thinking innovation : scientific REFLEXION CIRCLES linked to business world, series of conferences and workshop,  access to DOCUMENTARY RESOURCES on site or remotely.
  • Doing innovation of pedagogic subject: LEARN DIFFERENTLY (services, spaces, meetings), boost the high school to university transition and develop a taste for science across the virtual pedagogic tools and documentary tools.

It’s composed of three major areas :

An event space

For a yearly organization of conferences, workshops and exhibitions, you can find in the the events complex: two auditoriums, an innovation promotion space and a multi-purpose room dedicated to pedagogic innovation and design.


It’s a site promoting research partnerships. Xperium offers an itinerary along 8 scientific, interactive, astonishing and funny experiences based upon a central thematic developed around different fields of research.

The target public is high school students accompanied by their academic staff. Xperium also welcomes participants from business world in order to facilitate the links between research and applications in industry and service.

A library hub

The library hub is specialized in Sciences and Technologies. The collection has a strong proportion of accessible on-line resources and is structured around study subjects: Applied Sciences and Management, Sciences, Human Sciences, Life Sciences, Economic Sciences, but also Generality / Hobbies. The resources are available for on-site consultation or are remotely accessible to the university community (students, teachers, researchers, administrative and technical staff) as well as to public with an access card.

Located in the Atrium, the documentary collection, dedicated to innovation, is also accessible by everyone.

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