Conference Fund Awardee: Nicoleta-Roxana Dinu, National Library of Romania

Conference Fund Awardee: Nicoleta-Roxana Dinu, National Library of Romania

dinuEvery year, LIBER gives a number of staff in our participating libraries a grant to enable them to attend our Annual Conference.

In 2017, Nicoleta-Roxana Dinu of the National Library of Romania was one recipient of the Conference Fund.

Can you tell us about yourself and your work?

My name is Nicoleta-Roxana Dinu and I work as a digital librarian at the National Library of Romania. My main task is to publish digitized documents from Special Collections department, using DigiTool (Digital Library Software provided by ExLibris) and to develop the National Digital Library. I am responsible for their metadata integrity, descriptions accuracy (Dublin Core) and assigning MARC21 descriptions to the digital objects. In addition, I collaborate with Europeana on behalf of my department and I promote the activities of my institution by attending national and international conferences.

Why did you apply for the LIBER Conference Fund?

The LIBER Annual Conference, which is considered one of the most known European events on our field, was the best way for me to achieve practical information about cutting edge areas from various experts. Attending this professional meeting gave me the opportunity to enrich my professional knowledge in order to share it among my colleagues.

How was your conference experience?

I first attended a LIBER conference in 2011 in Barcelona and since then I have been trying to participate every year. Every edition of the LIBER Annual Conference so far has proved a high level professionalism from the point of view both of organisation and presentations.

What was the most interesting session you attended?

All the sessions had inspiring keynote speakers and experts but taking into account my area of expertise I found very useful the meeting on digital cultural heritage.

What were the key learning points you took away from the conference?

I discovered the newest technologies and methods on digitisation, preserving and making available both national cultural heritage and scientific productions and learned about good practices from the most important European libraries.

Would you recommend other library professionals to attend? And if so, why?

Definitely I recommend LIBER Conference, because it is a reference point of meeting through Europe in our field, the perfect way to be in touch with our colleagues and to get to know other library professionals.

53rd LIBER Annual Conference